Find Out What Types of Eczema There Are With This Quick Guide

Eczema can be caused by many factors, but prolonged contact with objects that irritate the skin is the most common. Oftentimes, itching and burning are a result of chemical irritation or dry skin. Foods, detergents, perfumes, sun, and anything else that can irritate your skin can cause flare-ups.

It is often difficult to distinguish between the three types of eczema. If not treated properly, it can be difficult for the diagnosis to be accurate. The majority of patients mistakenly believe that their skin rash is eczema. Either way, they may be able to treat eczema with medications, but they may also have something else to treat.

Allergic reactions containing irritants and irritants that are skin irritants are the most common cause of eczema. If left untreated, these issues can cause the skin to become inflamed, resulting in the return of the symptoms.

Atopic Dermatitis is the most common form of eczema. This type of eczema affects people who have mild forms of the condition as well as reactions to food, preservatives, hair products, perfumes, alcohol, and sunscreen. Allergic reactions are caused by a range of things, and each person’s will be different. While some people can get a reaction to whatever another person is allergic to, there are others who can have a reaction to anything.

Atopic Dermatitis causes sensitivity to dust mites, house dust mites, perfumes, dead skin cells, and preservatives. They tend to be afflicted with this type of eczema at night and it stays with them all day. It usually comes back the next day if left untreated.

The second type of eczema is known as Dry Eczema. When it comes to this form of eczema, people seem to react better to moisturizers than anything else. This type of eczema often flares up again because people cannot handle topical moisturizers.

There seems to be an increased tendency for moisture retention and dryness with this type of eczema. Some people may be able to apply a moisturizer, while others may need to let the area air dry. The process of doing this helps reduce skin irritation.

This type of eczema is also called Eczema Dermatitis. Some people that suffer from this form of eczema are also hypersensitive to preservatives, perfume, perfumed clothing, and other things that are found in beauty products. Dry skin, redness, and irritation make breathing very difficult for them.

Patients with this type of eczema usually use steroids to treat it because it is so sensitive. Nevertheless, steroids need to be used cautiously because an overdose or other side effects are possible. According to some reports, it is also recommended for treating mild cases of eczema.

The type of eczema you have can be determined by getting a medical diagnosis from your physician. You can determine the best treatment for your particular case once you know it. Various treatments are available for treating eczema, ranging from topical creams to prescription medications.

You should consult your doctor if you notice any redness, inflammation, or rash on your skin. There are some oral medications that can soothe the itching, reduce the redness, and decrease the irritation.


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